PMC Magnesium Remover - 1

Aluminium alloys contain a small amount of Magnesium increases and improves high mechanical properties. However, in few and many alloys it is considered as an impurity which is permitted within limits, higher amounts may be detrimental and may affect mechanical properties such as elongation, etc. Therefore it is desirable to reduce Magnesium content to as low figure as possible, preferably less than 0.5%. To reduce Magnesium to this level or low level, PMC Magnesium Remover is preferable.

PMC Magnesium Remover is a pink colour tablet. Specifically prepared under controlled condition. It effectively and significantly reduces the Magnesium content in the molten metal at a very minimum level to give high quality casting.

Approx. 1kg. of tablet per 100 kg of melt to remove 0.1% Magnesium. It also depends on Magnesium content in the melt, as lesser the amount of Magnesium in melt, Magnesium removing becomes more difficult requiring higher dose.

10 tablets of 50 gram each are rolled in moisture proof aluminium foil. These rolls are further packed in a 10 kg. carton or 20 kg. carton.

The information given herein above are based on information available with us till date. However customers are requested to take trail before establishing melting practice. Information may change without prior notice at any time.
These instructions are given only for PMC Magnesium Remover. For other fluxing treatment, Please refer to the corresponding PMC flux literature.
Preheat the plungers and furnace tools which are suitably coated to avoid iron pick up.
Bring the melt temperature to 750C to 800 C under a layer of PMC Cover Flux.
Plunge PMC Magnesium Remover in the recommended quantity, below the surface of the melt. The plunging may be made carefully to prevent metal splashing.
Depending on the amount of Magnesium to be removed and the Magnesium content of the metal, it may be preferable to carry out treatment in 2 to 3 stages.
Ensure that the plunger is moved gently to every part of the molten metal for getting proper fluxing of the melt.
PMC Fluxes should not be allowed to be exposed to the atmosphere when not in use.
During fluxing with PMC Magnesium Remover, the vigorous reaction may occur. Hence plunging should be carefully done and if necessary to divide the treatment in more than one stage.


Use hand gloves while handling fluxes
  Avoid inhalation of fumes when treating metal.
  Ensure adequate ventilation and extraction of hot gases around the furnace.
  Wash hands with soap and water after handling.
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