PMC Grain Refiner – 1


Molten aluminium alloys have a tendency to coarsen their grain structure at a high temperature. The degassing operation also increases the grain size. The coarse grain structure is not desired in a high quality casting because it is responsible for lowering the mechanical properties, creation of localised unsoundness & cracking during forging and increasing the tendency of hot tearing in the cast alloy.

A fine grain-structure can be achieved by the introduction of PMC Grain Refiner-1 which incorporates a combination of suitable grain refining elements.

PMC Grain Refiner - 1 is a white crystalline powder in tablet form. The grain refining action is based on the combined nucleating power of titanium and boron compounds on all aluminium alloys with the exception of high conductivity aluminium.

  100 to 200 grams per 100 kg melt.

10 tablets of 50 gram, 2 tablets of 500 gram,each are rolled in moisture proof aluminium foil. These rolls are further packed in 20 kg carton or in 50 kg polylined fibre drums.

  Use hand gloves while handling fluxes.
Avoid inhalation of fumes, when treating metal.
Ensure adequate ventilation.
Wash hands with soap and water after handling.

These instructions are given only for grain refining treatment. For other fluxing treatment, please refer to the corresponding PMC flux literature.
Pre heat the plungers and furnace tools which are suitably coated to avoid iron pick-up.
Adjust furnace conditions to bring the metal temperature to approximately 750C.
When the pyrometer indicates that the temperature is falling, aside a portion of the PMC Coverflux and plunge half of the recommended amount of PMC Grain Refiner - 1. The remainder amount of the PMC Grain Refiner-1 should be used after the reaction has subsided.
Remove the plunger, when the turbulance in the melt ceases, keeping the protective layer of PMC Cover flux intact.
The metal is now ready for further treatment prior to drossing off.

  Ensure that PMC Fluxes are kept in sealed condition in a dry hot place.
  Do not allow PMC Fluxes to be exposed to the atmosphere when not in use.
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