PMC Degasser - 3

It is well known fact that however carefully aluminium alloys are melted, hydrogen does find a way into the metal during melting. The solubility of this undesired gas increases as the temperature of the molten metal rises. During casting, the solubility drops which results in a sudden release of gas in the form of small bubbles. Because of this solubility difference, the gas may or may not escape from the melt before solidification is completed, causing alloy which in turn creates pin holes or scattered gas porisity in the castings.

PMC Degasser-3 is a blue coloured tablet, specifically prepared under controlled conditions. It effectively and significantly reduces the hydrogen content in the molten metal at a very minimal level to give a high quality casting.

  125 to 250 grams per 100 kg. of metal.

10 tablets of 50 gram, 2 tablets of 500 gram, each are rolled in moisture proof aluminium foil. These rolls are further packed in a 20 kg. carton or in a 50 kg. polylined fibre drum.

Use hand gloves while handling fluxes.
Avoid inhalation of fumes, when treating metal.
Ensure adequate ventilation and extracting of hot gases around the furnace.
Wash hands with soap and water after handling.
These instructions are given only for Degassing treatment . For other fluxing treatment, please refer to the corresponding PMC flux literature.
Preheat the plungers and furnace tools which are suitably coated to avoid iron pick up.
Bring the melt temperature to 760C.
Plunge PMC Degasser-3 tablets, in the recommended quantity, below the surface of the melt. If it is desired, carry-out the degassing operation in two stages using half the recommended quantity in each stage. However, the second stage should be carried out when the bubbling of the first stage completely subsides.
Leave the metal in an undisturbed condition for atleast 2-3 minutes under a suitable protective cover of PMC Cover Flux.
  Rabble the flux layer into the melt to obtain a glowing red metal free dross.
  Skim off the dross and check the metal temperature before pouring.

Ensure that the plunger is moved gently to every part of the molten metal for getting proper degassing of the melt.
PMC fluxes should not be allowed to be exposed to the atmosphere when not in use.
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