PMC Cover Flux - 1


PMC Cover Flux - 1 is an off-white, high grade exothermic drossing-off flux meant for crucible melting of ingots and clean scrap for sand and die casting.
This flux is formulated to effectively control oxide formation and inclusion of non-metallic impurities, leaving a relatively metal free dross. It minimises the hydrogen pick up and absorbs as well as collects metallic oxides formed during melting operation. This makes the poured metal free from oxide inclusions. During stirring/ rabbling of the flux into the surface of the melt, a glowing red, metal-free dross is generated.

  250 to 1000 grams per 100 kg of metal.

  50 kg. polylined HDPE bags.


When handling use hand gloves.
Avoid inhaling dust of fumes.
In the event of eye contact, wash with clean water.
Wash hands with soap and water after handling.

Preheat the crucible to a red hot condition and charge carefully.
When the charge has reached the pasty stage, sprinkle a part of the recommended PMC Cover Flux - 1 over the surface so that the flux completely covers the melt surface.
Add the balance quantity of charge and add further quantity of flux to keep the flux cover intact and complete.
Continue further melting until the crucible is fully charged.
After degassing/ grain-refining treatment, sprinkle a further quantity of PMC Cover Flux - 1 and allow to stand for a few minutes.
Adjust the temperature, if necessary.
Rabble the flux into the surface of the melt to produce a glowing red metal-free dross.
Skim of the dross, check the pouring temperature and cast immediately.
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